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We offer world-class online crisis management toolbox to help you deal with unexpected events that threaten to harm you and your organization. You can conduct your own crisis exercises, discover our courses online and use the templates we provide – all at a price that is revolutionary low.

Does your

crisis preparedness

need to be improved?

We know the importance of being prepared to handle difficult situations. Crisis Revolution has made it easier and cheaper than ever to exercise your crisis organization and to improve your crisis preparedness.

Practice as often

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on site or remotely!

We offer a large selection of ready-made exercises and workshops that you can carry out yourself on site or remotely, as often as you want, at no extra cost. In addition to all the crisis exercises, video courses and templates are also included.

A complete toolbox

for your

emergency preparedness

We offer a complete toolbox so that your organization can face unexpected threats and crises. Discover our crisis exercises and courses online and take them at your own pace. At a revolutionary low price.