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I lost my password!

Just go to the login page and request a new password (check your spam folder if you didn’t receive the e-mail with the reset link).

What are your terms & conditions & Privacy policy?

Please see here: Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Which languages exist?

Currently you can have the content in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish or all of them. More languages will be added.

How do we buy?

Choose the bundle (language) you would like or buy the Professional bundle where you get all the languages.

Which payment methods do you offer?

Credit card payments or request an invoice at checkout.

Do you update/add material?

Of course – yearly – at no extra cost for you.

Is the minimum term 1 year?

Yes, we only provide 1 year plans.

How to cancel the contract?

You can cancel anytime but not later than one month before the contract ends. If you paid by credit card: Click on My Account / Billing /subscriptions and cancel. If you paid by invoice: Email and the contract will not be renewed.

Do you refund for the period up until end of the term if we cancel?

Unfortunately, we don’t.

How to book a partner/expert listed on the site?

You contact the party in our network and agree with them about scope and pricing. Crisis Revolution is not part of any agreement you make with a partner.

We are several individuals who would like access – can we have extra id’s?

Yes, contact and they will send you a discount coupon for 50% to use at checkout.

What is the Branded version?

With the branded version you have full control of your own system. It gives you full flexibility, such as using your own domain, brand it with your logo, upload your own templates, add your own exercises, have as many users as you want, use surveys, issue diplomas and much more. Contact

Possible to have our own branding, use it across our organization by several individuals and be able to add our own content?

Yes, you need the Branded version described in this FAQ.

Can we use the content of the site externally to our clients?

Yes, you need the Branded version described in this FAQ.  Please contact: Contact

How can we become part of your expert/partner network?

Please contact