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Flight HG 432

Two people in the management team have died in a plane crash.

Hardware error! Where should we start?

Systems and data must be restarted but what is most important? Gain an understanding of restart times and consequences for the organization.

Hardware error! How should we work now?

Our IT systems not available for 3 days! How should IT-dependent departments work in the meantime?

The personnel database

Your personnel database is on the Internet! By mistake?

Thanks and goodbye

Someone posts content in your name on social media. Your account has been hacked!

Princess Kia

A sales campaign has failed. Hundreds of thousands of posts on social media thanks to the famous influencer Princess Kia. Media is involved now.


A manager has been arrested in a foreign country…

Kick-off gone wrong

A staff party has turned out to be a disaster. An employee has been taken by the police … You watch it unfold on social media.

Bondi Beach

Social media shows an employee and her private interest. Where do you draw the line between the organization and employees’ social media?

The USB stick

A USB stick with very sensitive information has arrived. Someone contacts you…

Find A

An audit shows that one of your IT employees conducts private business on one of your servers. Legal aspects such as GDPR, HR etc are involved.


“Croc Squad” has taken over your IT environment and makes continued work impossible. Manage a blackmail situation and restore IT systems.

Fire at production facility

Fire at your production facility one early morning. Solve problems related to decontamination, handling of deliveries, restart of business etc.

Fire at the workplace

Fire at your workplace early in the morning. Practice your start-up plan and solve problems related to injured personnel and the restart of the business.

Protests & riots outside the workplace

Protests near your workplace have intensified on Friday afternoon. Staff have been injured and the building has been vandalized.

The accident!

The staff witnessed a traumatic accident.


A terrorist attack in the city where you have your business

Food poisoning?

A rapid disease outbreak in your office. Aspects such as decontamination, reduced capacity & planning of the work are included.

Basic crisis preparedness

Workshop: Let us guide you through some basic steps to create a foundation for crisis preparednes.

Wrong customer?

A staff group demands that you stop having a relationship with the company XYZ.

Time for a press conference!

Practice press conference. Choose from several delicate scenarios!

The nursing home

Evacuation of a nursing home

Deadly violence at a school

A tragic event

Drinking water disruption!

No drinking water!

Product recall!

Faulty product!

Deadly violence at workplace

A tragic event