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Here’s how to do

an exercise

Log in to our platform, select a crisis exercise and read through the exercise guide. Practice the exercise for yourself and see what questions are asked of the group. Then select some other relevant issues for your particular organization from the exercise guide. Set a date and complete the exercise on site or remotely with the group. At the end of the exercise, you create a list of improvement measures together so you can update your plans and procedures.

We offer

A complete toolbox containing crash video courses, crisis exercises and templates for planning. You can do everything yourself. Instructions and exercise guide included.

For you who want to improve your crisis preparedness

The toolbox consists of modern scenarios and lots of hacks and templates. Practice and improve your organization now. We offer a large library of ready-made exercises, video courses and templates created by experts with decades of experience to make it easier and cheaper for you to be prepared when the unexpected happens. Get access to our worldwide network of crisis experts. We have no hidden costs and everything is available in several languages. 

Fixed cost – less than £ 2 / day.

What is included?

For less than £ 2/ day, you get the following in your language:

– Over 25 professional and modern crisis exercises (desktop exercises) with an exercise guide.

– Over 25 video courses and so-called hacks for crisis preparedness.

– Over 10 plan templates.

Every year new material is added – at no cost to you.

How does it work?

Click on the step-by-step movie to the right or book a personal demo below.